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LLC “AlmatyExpertise-CCIC” is a joint company, established by LCC “ AlmatyExpertise” - the only one Kazakh expert organization which is the competent member of IFIA (International Federation of Inspection Agencies) and CCIC ( China Certification & Inspection Group) – the largest group on inspection and certification in China- which is the associate member of IFIA.


After studying the issue on production export to China, LLC  “AlmatyExpertise- CCIC” presents to Kazakh organizations the order of procedures necessary for regular long-term delivery of production to China.

1. Hygienic registration

The production of animal, vegetable origin and fishery, which is not recycled or roughly processed, necessary goes through this type of control.

Hygienic registration includes:

  • the presence of International Agreement between Republic of Kazakhstan and China about the import of food products
  • the provision Ministry of Agriculture of the Republic of Kazakhstan with the list of recommended Kazakh manufacturers to the main administration of quality supervision, inspection and quarantine of China
  • the check of information by the China Main Supervisory Control in documents represented by   Kazakhstan exporter
  • the check of production by the China Main Supervisory Control on the spot if necessary


2. Registration

All food products (prepared products, alcoholic and non-alcoholic products, products of the milling industry, sauces, etc.) and cosmetics go through this type of control.

Registration includes:

  • Application on registration from Kazakhstan exporter
  • Application on registration from China importer
  • Check of information in documents represented by Kazakhstan exporter and China importer. Decision on issue of business number (code).
  • Application on label from Kazakhstan exporter. The information about label should be in Chinese language.
  • Application on trademark registration. If Kazakhstani manufacturer wants to protect his production from fakes on Chinese market, he may submit relevant request

The passage of quarantine declaration during the import. Exporter of Kazakhstan on the border with China should pass the quality inspection on every batch of products.

For questions on export to China, you can contact by phone +7/727/278-44-09, 292-78-23 or send the completed application form via fax 292-00-52 or e-mail: This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it